Friday, February 5, 2010


It has definitely been a while (too long) since I’ve written here, and I’m sorry for that! I’ll be updating more! There were a few months where I couldn’t write because I was secretly pregnant and didn’t want to tell everyone on the inter-web before all my family knew! Tada, I’m pregnant! So now I’m pretty far along! Already in my 15th week of pregnancy! Second trimester!

The first 12 weeks were pretty rough, let me tell you. That is partially the other reason why I have been unable to focus on updating this blog. I had intense morning (noon and night) sickness just up until a few weeks ago. It was like having severe car sickness all the time. I never really threw up all that much, but I felt like I needed to all the time. I think that’s almost worse than barfing… because at least after you throw up you might feel a little better. I had a hard time eating anything. Everything sounded gross or I’d have to eat a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Around the 8th or 9th week I figured out that if I just continuously forced myself to eat small snacks throughout the day, I’d feel a lot better. I’d also wake up in the morning, and before I did anything, I’d eat a Popsicle to boost my blood sugar levels. That way I’d have enough time without feeling sick to shower and get ready before having to eat breakfast. Weird, but it worked.

Being pregnant is like living in somebody else’s body and with their weird eating habits. I can only describe it as your body is in complete control and you are just along for the ride. There are foods that I would eat all the time that I just can’t get down anymore. The top of my ‘no-no’ list is vinegar of any kind, most salad dressings, eggs, and poultry is difficult but doable if I must. The one food that I can eat no mater how I’m feeling is cereal and milk. Last week I ate a Costco size box (not bag… the whole box) of Multi-Grain Cheerios in one week. Zachary will eat a modest bowl in the morning and I practically eat a mixing bowl size of cereal. Haha! I can’t help it! I also went through 4 gallons of milk in 5 days. Yea…

I’ve only had one really bad, dramatic mood swing to date (targeted at Zachary of course… because it’s his pregnancy too!) Hormone levels are off the charts.

Over the last few months, I’ve been having the worst hip and shoulder pains. I had hip problems before being pregnant… but being pregnant just made it ten times worse. It got to the point where I had to buckle and buy and official “pregnancy pillow.” It was expensive for sure, but totally worth it. I sleep so well and wake up with no pains at all! Zachary loves the pillow because its soft and he likes to lay in it occasionally… but he also hates that it takes up half the bed! Lately he’s been sleeping on the side of it so that’s nice. I feel very separate of him though… which is sad… but honestly I like not walking around like I have severe arthritis in my hips.

It’s been really fun watching my belly blow up. I am amazed at how fast the size changes go from week to week. My mom pointed out to me that I am currently the size she usually was at 6 months… but I’m only at 15 weeks! All I can think about is just how huge I’m going to be! I wonder what position Little Guy is in that would make him stick out so far?! I went to the doctor this week and was happy to find out that my weight gain is average. I gained a lot of weight in the first trimester and then only about a pound or two between my first and second OB appointments. Wheew! I’m not noticing any severe weight gain anywhere other than my mid-section which is comforting as well.

(IMAGES -above: 14 weeks -below: 15 weeks)

Words can’t describe how excited I am to have this baby. It’s so strong and powerful. I find it to be odd sometimes being so connected to my belly and wanting to touch my belly 90 % of the day… but it really makes me feel connected and like I’m forming a bond with my baby. Zachary is so cute. He likes to talk to my belly and touch my belly. I think he’s going to be the best father.

I also strongly feel that it’s a boy. Zachary and I always call the baby Little Guy… and use boy nouns like ‘he’ and ‘him.’ I could be wrong… but it would be fun if I were right! I’ll find out the sex of the baby on March 18th!! March is a busy month! We have 2 OB appointments… the sex-determining ultrasound appointment… and I find out if my current job is going to give me a hefty raise! So much! I can’t wait!