Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sexy, Sexy!

This weekend I’ve been slowly upholstering “Cathartic Birth” in sexy, sexy burlap. Wait… you didn’t know that burlap is sexy? Well… now you know! I’m glad I could be the one to point that out to you. Burlap covered in shellac… now that’s the ticket! I want to go to there.

I’ve completed the arms, hands, and head. Last night I started the main trunk of the figure. I’m trying to not be too anal retentive about all this. It’s my nature to want everything to be just so and in my control, but ever since I started making more frequently, I’ve been making the conscious effort to loosen up a bit. Seams are going to happen… and that’s okay. The burlap might imperfect in some areas… and that’s okay!

I have to let the process “take over,” in a sense, and embrace the output.

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