Monday, March 21, 2011


I’ve finished shellacing the shit out of my piece! I couldn’t be happier with the end results. The smell of shellac can be pretty… thick… if you will…. So I have a great respirator that completely blocks out the fumes! Worth every cent, that respirator! What stinks more than the toxic solvents is the fact that my studio is literally a storage closet so I have no real ventilation system going on. I’ve basically gassed myself completely out of my own studio. Fans are on full blast but I don’t know how much good they’ll do unless my door is open. I can’t leave it open unattended because I have a large collection of expensive tools that I’d rather not get stolen. Worth the risk? Maybe. I figured I’d see how bad it was tomorrow night. If its still a wall of toxic…. I’m going to have to babysit by studio with the door open till the smell calms down.
Was it worth it? Of course.
Will my studio mates get a little high tomorrow/hate me? Most definitely.

Final portfolio pictures to come. I have a round of show applications due March 31. Gotta get this dried and photographed ASAP!! AHH!

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