Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Labor Of

Even before having my first child this past August, I knew this would be the ultimate act of love. Filming some of my first contractions helps me to remember how much I went through to receive my little boy. “Labor Of” is a visual representation of love through sacrifice, pain and suffering.

Much like most of my previous performative pieces, a threshold is definitely met. I chose to have no sound in this video because I feel there is such power in the subtle nuances of my facial features. Looking over the footage, I noticed I would have the slightest eye twitch whenever another contraction was coming. I would see the twitch and get anxious for myself… myself from 7 months ago… knowing that a wave of pain so great was getting ready to wash over my entire body.

I now know the limits to my physical and mental strength after enduring such an intense labor.

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